15 April 2010

Spring wildlife: hoofed stock

Feral burro checking us out for handouts. No zoom used.

I don't have quilt news to post today; several surprise projects are still under way. Instead, here are some photos submitted as proof that spring may actually have arrived in the Black Hills. We were driving on the Wildlife Loop in Custer State Park last week, and the wildlife cooperated beautifully. There are a lot of calves and foals about to be born, from the look of things. The graze is just starting to green up. It's been a lean and hungry winter for the critters, and they were clearly enjoying the milder day. Gene may be posting bird pictures later.

Bison male, very thin

Herd of female bison, mostly pregnant

Herd of elk at airstrip, as close as we could get

Feral burros in foreground; more of the mom bison herd in background

Feral burro with Jerusalem donkey markings

Happy Thursday.

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