13 July 2010

Titanotheres, part II

Meanwhile, back at the flatbed, Mom Brotothere is waiting patiently...

Moving Dad took a couple of hours. The crew who did this was absolutely magnificent. There was not a wrong or wasted motion, and at no time was he at undue risk. They are used to moving boilers amd machine-shop equipment, so I hope that this was a fun change of pace for them. Still, Dad is very tall, top-heavy, and not level on his feet by any means. It took a while to get him in position, safe and stable.

Mom was a much more calm and cooperative individual. Her only issue is that she is lying down and, er, a bit wide. There were concerns about fitting her through the door, which turned out to be groundless. 45 minutes after leaving the flatbed, she was in place.

Mom starts her forklift ride to the building.

Mom approaches, also with protection strips for her eyes.

Mom enters the atrium.

Mom is on the forklift for the last time. The paint chipping occurred some time ago, but we agreed to hold off on the repairs and infills until the move was complete. That has now been done.  

Mom is up at ledge level.

Reunited on the ledge.

To be continued.....

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