23 January 2011

Heroes: Vivien Maier

Thanks to cousin Colin, I have been apprised of a quiet, almost secret 20th century street photographer who blows away everyone's preconceptions about....just about everything. From John Maloof's blog:

"It’s still hard to grasp how quickly appreciation has grown for Vivian’s work. Efforts to assure a lasting recognition for Vivian Maier’s art are at an important juncture right now. To this end, we have begun with the creation of a documentary film about her amazing story."

You can see more about the upcoming documentary here.

I recommend that you skip the reading right now and go straight to her photographs that have been posted at these and other sites. She had an eye for Chicago street life and her surroundings that is unbelievable. If anyone ever again claims that color photography is better than b/w, I will send them Vivien's way. She can explain through her shots better than anyone can in words.

We are all surrounded by awesome scenes and stories in the details of even the most mundane activities. Only a few, like Vivien Maier, have the artistry and passion to remind us of that.

I wish I'd met her. Or maybe I just did.

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