16 May 2011

Catching up

Giant pheasant sculpture, Enchanted Highway, north of Regent, ND
I'm not sure how two weeks went by and a Family Recipe Monday was missed. Twice. In my defense, I'll just say that we had a rare convergence of Synchronized Quadruple Critical Machine Failures (cars, chair and computer) on top of an extraordinarily hectic couple of weeks. I'm working on a longer note about strange and troubling discoveries in the ancestry world (note: do not get into genealogy if you're not prepared to find out that you are related to every deadbeat, cattle rustler and chicken thief in the world).

Family Recipe Monday will resume with a couple of catch-up posts ASAP. In the meantime, please enjoy a few recent roadtrip pictures from northwest South Dakota and southwest North Dakota.

Giant pheasants from the front, Enchanted Highway, ND

Theodore Roosevelt sculpture on the Enchanted Highway. This was about as much enchantment as we could stand. I am sparing you the Tin Family.

Sign, campground, SD. I am really REALLY hoping that this was aimed at hunters...

Sign, Amidon, ND

Sign, Amidon, ND.

Sign, Regent, SD

Highway sign, SD

And you ain't. More to come....

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