09 April 2012

Architecture of the open places: Highway 212

Cabin near Eagle Butte

Lots of travel lately, by my estimate 1700 miles in 5 days. I am still sorting out the shots of the longer trip to Utah. Today was a drive in the much-needed spring sun to Eagle Butte and back. 

Highway 212 is a long, straight line from Edina, Minnesota, to Yellowstone National Park. In South Dakota, it crosses an infinite landscape of hills and buttes, almost hypnotically. Buildings are startling, towns unexpected. It is a good drive for refocusing. 

Church, Dupree

Business, Dupree

Sign, Dupree

Sign, Eagle Butte

Prairie cabin

Ice house, Faith

Prairie house

Historic marker, the only one I have ever seen that is not site- or event-specific

Sign, Eagle Butte

House near Bear Butte

Prairie barn

House near Newell

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