25 March 2010

Quilt Thursday: On the road yet again

Log Cabin quilt, Barn Raising variation, as featured on Barbara Brackman's Material Culture blog.

It's late March, so it must be time to head back to the Platte River for the annual official crane-watching trip. Last week's trip was an unexpected preview; this one will be more in-depth. Last year this trip was a no-go, game called on account of blizzard, four weekends in a row. This year, we are cautiously optimistic that the trip is a go, so Gene is awash in maps and notes plotting this out. I'll file a wildlife report when we return on Sunday. Based on the racket we are hearing around the house from bluejays and flickers and other avian members of the orchestra, spring is in full swing up here. Next weekend is yet another trip to Nebraska, the western side, after which I think we get citizenship in the state. Or something.

In the meantime, feast your eyes and your inner historian on Barbara Brackman's post on Log Cabin quilts, "Log Cabin--How Old is the Name?," at her site. The Log Cabin in all of its variations may be one of the oldest quilt blocks named, according to her research, and is an ancient pattern. I'm particularly fascinated with her discussion of the same pattern in Egyptian animal mummy wraps.

Happy Thursday.

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