04 March 2010

Quilt Thursday: Quilt of Quilts

It's another hectic Thursday, with everyone trying to get a zillion things done before spring break starts. For a number of people up here, that will actually be tomorrow, as travel and field trips start. I will not be going on these--I have another trip planned, but that doesn't start for a week or so. That means that I am pulling double duty on a few fronts, at least through the end of next week. So no coherent thoughts from up here just yet. I could use that cloning machine right about now, please.

Instead, I'd like to share a quilt post from an unexpected source: William the Coroner's Forensic Files.  I liked his comments: "The prevailing culture...seems to be to make hand machine quilting look as much like machine quilting as possible. I can understand these goals, these are the same sort of people that do intricate scale models." Or make the ultimate hexagon quilt.

Here is his favorite quilt from the Lake Farm Park Quilt Show. This is called "Quilt of Quilts," and Wiliam the Coroner calls it a "meta quilt show." The artist's name is not listed; if you know it, please let me know. Whoever you are, this is awesome.

Happy Thursday.

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