04 March 2012

Sunday in pictures: Radar Hill, Elm Springs and White Owl

Barn, Radar Hill Road

We were supposed to have serious snow, if not an outright blizzard, earlier in the week. Didn't happen. Was supposed to happen again yesterday. Didn't. Today? Nope. So, having no excuse to stay inside, we loaded up the camera and hit the back roads to put it through its paces. Nothing posted here has been Photoshopped or edited. All errors are my own original product. As you can see, I'm playing with light. As you can also see, I'm in love with the b/w feature (which for some reason is called "monochrome." It's anything but.).

I used the day as a opportunity to get some shots at tiny rural cemeteries for Find a Grave. This site has helped me so much with my own genealogical work that I'm glad to be able to help document these little places in turn. Sometimes these shots are the only proof a family has of an ancestor's life. That's especially true out here, where so many in my generation and after left the land and moved to town.

It was a lovely day with oddly pastel light. Enjoy.

House, Radar Hill Road

Farm eggs sign




Distant house


Lakeside Cemetery

Twin cabins

Belle Fourche river banks

Belle Fourche river

Abandoned farmhouse


Sign, Elm Springs Cemetery

Horseshoe cross, Elm Springs Cemetery

Belle Fourche River 

Belle Fourche River

Boot on fence, no explanation

Minuteman missile silo site; this area was honeycombed with them. It's sobering to think how devastated this area would have been if these had been launched, 

Abandoned house

White Owl Cemetery gates

White Owl store

House with Bear Butte in the distance

Afternoon light

Prairie road

Bald eagles leaving the scene of the roadkill

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