11 March 2012

Sunday in pictures: Wildlife at large

Wild turkeys out in force, guys in full display. girls bored

No matter what the calendar says, it's full-on spring down at Custer State Park. Enough said. 

Male pronghorn

Park house

Killdeer scouting a nest site

Incredibly dignified bull bison, looking poised, aloof, regal....

...oh, never mind. 

Pronghorn and sharp-tailed grouse

Sharp-tailed grouse, just landed

Courting crows

Backlit bison

Bison on the move

Bald eagle

Bald eagle in flight

Bald eagle in flight, scaring the prairie dogs half to death

Prairie dogs post-eagle

Prairie sky

Red squirrel watching us

Red squirrel doing we know not what


Bison feeding


Cloud bar

Sign on chuckwagon

Badger Clark house


Mountain blue bird scoping out house

Coast appears to be clear....

...in she goes. 

Bison and sign

Wary pronghorn

Pronghorn looking lovely

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