06 May 2010

The little winter, redux

Snow on deck, 06 May 2010

That's right: it snowed today. It was very wet and did not accumulate much--just enough to remind us that it's still the prairie out here and it can do as it pleases. Yesterday all our friends in more temperate areas were celebrating Cinco de Mayo. We are dragging out the winter boots again. 

Tulips ignoring snow
At least it's not a blizzard this time, as it was two years ago.

02 May 2008. Welcome to spring in South Dakota.

I keep trying to come up with South Dakota spring snow haiku, but somehow Yosemite Sam always takes over the last line. So I will spare you those efforts.

Crabapple blossoms in spring snow. Here's hoping that we miss the little winter effect and the Ritual Death of the Fruit Tree Blossoms.


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