09 May 2010

Mother's Day

Shirley with young kestrel. Photos by Ralph Shelton.

To celebrate Mother's Day, I'm doing a number of things that Shirley and Ralph have taught us: so far, we've done some serious early-morning birdwatching, photographed said birds extensively, wrote it all up, concocted a big pot of chicken stock to simmer all day, and started the bread rising. None of this was done consciously as a Mother's Day tribute. It's all deeply ingrained. Which may be a tribute in itself.

If you want to see what Shirley has been up to, check out the photo gallery at the Heart of Lubbock Neighborhood Association website. She's working on a neighborhood project to be published. All the entries credited to Mrs. Shelton? That's our mom.

Here are some other pictures from the scan files. These are hard to come by, since Shirley prefers to be the photographer:

Shirley with wild roses in Arkansas

Shirley watching cranes at Muleshoe NWR

We're so proud of our parents. Happy Mother's Day.

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