27 May 2010

Scenes from Sioux Falls III: signs

Fair warning

Collecting signs is an extremely interesting way to make a road trip meaningful. Also a hazardous one. I seem to attract a disproportionate number of tail-gaters and bewildered stares as the drivers zoom past. This makes it a good idea to travel the blue highways, but prevents documentation of the huge, often obnoxious interstate billboards. The signs on my roads are smaller and better behaved, if occasionally weirder. Enjoy.

Hayes, SD

Bad River sign

I know that this is not a sign, but I don't know where else to put it....or even for sure what it is, though my money is on a rocking Longhorn...

Nice juxtaposition of signs

Plum Creek station marker

And here is everything else you might need to know about the Plum Creek station

It's a very large area.

A very tasteful Wall Drug sign

Another Wall Drug sign, which should delight the herpetologists

A final warning

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