12 May 2010

Spring snow?!

Barn, Rapid City

Well, it's back. It seems that snow and winter can't resist a few too many unwanted curtain calls as we head toward--ahem--summer. It started as a cold rain and moved into a heavy wet snowfall all morning, then back into rain this afternoon. And possibly more tonight, unless it doesn't decide to heed the forecasts. After which, the weather will be near-ideal for the next ten days or so. Unless it isn't.

But it was a lovely morning with a diffuse grey light. Here's what it looked like up here:

Crabapple blossoms in snow

More crabapple blossoms in snow

Distant hillside in blowing snow

Main campus

You'll remember these characters. Here they are in rapidly melting snow.

Maybe spring is in their step after all.

Dinosaur Hill as clouds finally break up.

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