01 May 2010

May Day on Lower Spring Creek Road

Horizon with bad weather on it.

We went out on yet another cold, windy weekend day today to check out the local fauna. Our goal, which was to photograph the burrowing owls which have arrived in town, or at least in prairie dog town, was 100% not met. Cold and windy conditions bring out owlers, not owls. Owls are, after all, wise. But there were plenty of other birds everywhere, as well as buds and blossoms. Spring is sneaking in, even with cold weather all around us. Happy May Day.

Meadowlark in full song.

This is one of the archetypal prairie sounds.

Horned lark posing nicely.

Horned lark.

Long-billed curlew in the grasses.

Long-billed curlew, walking and feeding.

Long-billed curlew, facing the wind.

Loggerhead shrike on its native ground, namely barbed wire. .

Loggerhead shrike. There were quite a few of these birds out today.  

Tree in ephemeral pond.

Wild plum blossoms were everywhere.

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