31 May 2012

Nebraska in (almost) black and white

Tipi at Agate Fossil Beds, framing the Bone Cabin

For the first time since I moved back to the prairies, I was able to co-lead one of our field camps. This one focused on the geology and paleontology of Agate Fossil Beds National Monument, an under-appreciated gem in the Nebraska Panhandle. I had grand plans of posting something from there every night. 

Let me tell you about internet and cell phone connectivity out there. They use the finest cotton string money can buy. But the light and the quietness were more than enough. Two weeks was nowhere near enough. 

Now we are on our way back East for another couple of weeks. I'm sure I'll be connected, but I'll miss the deep peace. 

For some reason, everything looked more real in black and white, except the eclipse. 

Bone Cabin, from Carnegie Hill

Bone Cabin fence

Bone Cabin fence

None shall pass

Weathering paleo sign

The solar eclipse. You've heard how they say not to put the special glasses over your camera lens and shoot the sun? Me neither. 

End of the eclipse

Carhenge, where the Chevies dwell...

Dino sculpture at Carhenge

Carhenge sculpture, incoming storm

The covered (station) wagon

Time capsule

Bear-dog at Agate

Thunderhead. Only appreciated by West Texan and other prairie kids. 

Storm coming in