20 September 2012


 Leaving September

If I have once forgotten on this field
The long light of the dusk, or far away

The sheep on tawny grass, how stones will yield
Small bitter puffballs, or a cricket stay

To wring wry tunes from emptiness and dearth,
Let me remember; let me hold them now

Close to the heart--while I upon the earth
Am the stone field and pain the heavy plow.

Not in wide measures is the harvest culled;
Not by disaster nor by cutting hail

Is the loss seen, the grief is somewhat dulled--
Being done at last. Ours is a different scale--
Leaving September stars and a little smoke
And memory tight as a lichen to an oak.
--Loren Eiseley


09 September 2012


Tartan Girl spent a moving day at Arlington National Cemetery yesterday and sends this to all.

"The picture you have is of a block of marble--just marble at the end of a hall in honor of women in military service at Arlington National Cemetery. A moving memorial in a hallowed place that is filled with grace and and solitude, though with quiet vigilance for the grief of us still here.

"I came to this place today to honor two of you, and found this sight to honor all of you. The picture you have is of a piece of marble that is called the Sister Block--the little sister of the marble that was used in the construction of the Tomb of the Unknowns. Although she is smaller and somehow softer than her big brother, she stands as resolutely as he in honor to those resting in this honored place. Having a life made exquisite by brothers and sisters I can appreciate something deeper about her.

"I'd not met her, but I am so glad that I did today. You were each arrived with me today, and I was glad for your company. It was a day of clouds and breeze that would turn to thunderstorms and downpours.....but I was lucky enough to meet this little sister before I left.

"Thank you each for the grace and strength you bring to my life and for the endless joy you offer. I would not be here without you...."