19 April 2011

White Owl and Red Owl

I had to make a couple of genealogy photo stops in the tiny communities of White Owl and Red Owl on Sunday, an area which Gene has not birded much, so we made a day trip out of it. As mentioned, the snow and sleet weren't taking the day off, either. It was an oddly lovely light, though, and the birds were in full spring courting mode. Here are a few of the sights.

Community hall, Alkali

Abandoned house

Another abandoned house.

Church, Red Owl

Barn in the spring chill

Please tell me this is not a church with two outhouses. Please.

Great blue heron, not liking us.

Belle Fourche River valley

Distant long-billed curlew

Bear Butte in the mists

Storm across the prairie

Hawk on nest

Swainson's hawk, surveying the situation

Wild turkeys courting

Ten males, seven females in this flock


SnapShot Specialist Photography by A. Emerson said...

Hello, really enjoyed your photos! Am planning on moving into the badlands area about 30 miles away from sturgis, sd. Was wondering if during any of your travels if you ever photographed or remembered a place called Owl Butte near Castle Rock, SD by any chance? Can't seem to find any photos of this place and I have been making payments on it for 4 years! Thanks for your time and for sharing your photos with the rest of us!

Sally said...

I am familiar with the general Castle Rock area, but I had to look up Owl Butte. Here's what I found: http://southdakota.hometownlocator.com/maps/feature-map,ftc,1,fid,1256933,n,owl%20butte.cfm.

Beautiful part of the world--definitely wide-open spaces.