28 April 2013

Curlew season

Pelican in flight, Quinn Dam

At the end of March, we were looking at the beginning of spring, buds on the trees, no need for snow boots, etc.

At the end of April, we have dug out from a cumulative 40 inches of snow. The buds are just now beginning to re-show. The migratory birds, slowed by the repeated storm, are starting to come through at last. So we headed east to Wall and Badlands to check out the spring action. Enjoy.

Pelican gliding

Meadowlark, Quinn

Meadowlark posing, Quinn

Grain elevator, Quinn

Cottonwood and snow wisps

I-90 concretia

Loggerhead shrike seeking next victim

Tree swallow pretending to be a bluebird

Prairie dogs. I have no explanation for the one at the back right. 

Spring. Finally. 

None shall pass. 

Bison bull looking good after the winter

I said, none shall pass. 

Two bison above Sage Creek


Only in South Dakota. I am kind of sorry I missed this. 

Curlew in the grass, looking for..
...the other curlew in the grass. Their calls are hauntingly beautiful. 


Resplendent curlew

The plumage patterns showed up better in black and white

Curlews in spring

Curlews in barbed-wire frame

Looking at us

Preening and resting after a long migration

Railroad trestle, Wasta

Railroad trestle, Wasta

Ghost cottonwoods, Wasta

What part of "none shall pass" do you not understand? 

House, Base Line Road

Pronghorn in sunlight

Buildings, Owanka

Buildings, Owanka

Grain elevator, Owanka

Town greeter, Owanka

Truck, Owanka

House, Base Line Road

Great blue heron


House, Wasta