15 August 2010

A few scenes from the summer of 2010

Things that somehow never got posted throughout the summer....

Grebes at their floating nest on Seavey Lake.

Yes, I did say "floating."

And, yes, I did say "nest." This was in early July: the grebelets have hatched and grown quickly since then.

Hexagon quilt from the Rapid City quilt guild show. To put it in perspective: this is a miniature quilt, 1' square. You can see how tiny the hexagons are. Feel like an amateur yet? I do.... 

Butterflies swarming Gene's chair at Iron Creek campground. There were dozens of them on him and the chair all day.

Hotel sign in Custer.

Mountain bluebird at Iron Creek.

Nice pose.

Brewster in his low-life T-shirt. He was being treated for a minor skin problem, and this helped keep him from scratching it. It also lowered his IQ, never impressive in the first place, by 20 points or so.

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