24 July 2011

Fall River

Coot and young...cootlets? 

We took a day off to lead a birding trip to Whitney Preserve in Fall River County. The summer is finally catching up to the hot and dry conditions of the rest of the country, but the mornings are still cool. Since we have not explored much in the southern part of this county, it also turned into an architecture photography session. Here are a few of the day's best sights. Enjoy. Stay cool.

Abandoned hotel near Hot Springs

Small cabin, large solar panel, and loggerhead shrike, Ardmore

Shed, Ardmore

Barn in the distance near Edgemont

Cabin near Hot Springs

Damselfly, Whitney Preserve

Dragonfly, posing wonderfully, Whitney Preserve

Cedar waxwing watching birders, Whitney Preserve

Swallow, Chatauqua Park, Hot Springs

Ancient cottonwood, Whitney Preserve

Mule deer and fawn

Mallard and ducklings

Moon and trees

I believe they mean what they say

Red dragonfly, Whitney Preserve

Old sign, Edgemont

Alien landscape

Turkey vultures rising

Yellow-breasted chat, posing nicely after a bath

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