18 February 2012

Saturday in pictures: Canyon Lake

Ducks in flight

You would never believe it is still February out here on the prairies. The ice on Canyon Lake is deep enough at one end to hold several ice fishers, but is breaking up in the center already. According to the waterfowl, it's already spring. We took advantage of the perfect light to get test shots with the (ahem) new camera. See what you think.

Flower heads

In the center is the rogue harlequin duck that has been living at Canyon Lake all winter. It is starting to show its full adult plumage. 


Ice and light

Feather, leaf and ice

Miniature ice floes

Waterfowl convention

The widgeons check us out

A little display going on up there suggests that spring is very much on the guys' minds....


Light through the pines

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