16 May 2010

Migration count

Rapid Creek, early morning

Today was day 3 of the West River Migration Count. I would like to take this opportunity to register an official protest against the hours that birds keep. 6 a.m. on a beautiful weekend morning is a bit over the top, unless you're a bird person or stumbling along in the wake of one. Next time, the birds can come to us, says I.

We birded along Canyon Lake and upstream along Rapid Creek for most of the morning, then moved up to Mary Hall Park for a few hours. Gene is compiling the statistics, as birders do, and we'll post those later. I just have a few shots of the sightings. Enjoy.

Cedar waxwing, posing nicely for bleary-eyed photographer

Cedar waxwing

Great blue heron avidly fishing at the fish hatchery ponds. I think this is cheating.

Wood ducks at the fish hatchery

Common mergansers on Canyon Lake

Canada geese

Osprey coming in

Osprey circling

Osprey circling

Turkey vultures rising

Catbird. These were making nests all around the tiny creek in Mary Hall Park.

Black-headed grosbeak being splendid in the sun.

Sign not normally seen within most city limits...but this is Rapid City.

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