05 April 2011

Meanwhile, back in Nebraska.....

 Calligraphy, Rowe Audubon Sanctuary

Here are pictures of the annual sandhill crane migration in Nebraska's Platte River valley. It was just as cold and snowy as it looks, and just as spectacular.

Sunrise, South Dakota
The clouds are thin and icy
But moving in fast

Trumpeter swans glide
National wildlife refuge
March Valentine

Crane exuberance
The cold cannot discourage
Springing and leaping

A long flight is done
A long flight is still to come--
Joy in the moment

Crane celebration
Shy-watching and wing-reaching
No clouds in their eyes

Distant landing cranes
Look so tiny up against
Endless horizon

Flock of cranes,sunrise
Streaming up from the river
Calling constantly

Flock of crane-watchers
 Not nearly so poetic
As they slowly freeze

Icy foliage
Last year's blooms dusted by snow
Next year's in the ground

Here's our sign to say
That we are at the right place--
We cannot get lost

Wilson's snipe and thaw
Feeding after a long flight
Winter is over

Cranes floating down
Both the field and the bird flock
Meet vanishing point

Sandhill cranes in field
Icy mists and crane plumage
The same shade of grey

Island of cranes stand
Calling to the others there
Spring looks like winter

Calligraphy, Rowe Audubon Sanctuary

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