18 January 2010

Family recipe Monday: Shirley's Shrimp Creole

This one is posted at the request of our co-blogger, Tartan Girl, who knows and loves this recipe. Again, the spatters show just how popular this recipe has been. The scan was not cut off; the card must have been rolled onto the typewriter a bit low.

Shirley’s shrimp Creole

Melt 6 T fat. Add:
4 T diced onion
4 T diced green pepper
½ cup celery

Lightly brown above. Then add:
2 cans Hunt’s tomato sauce
1 tsp salt
1/8 tsp pepper
¼ tsp chili powder

2 cups (1 lb.) freshly cooked shrimp or 2 5-oz. cans shrimp

Cover, simmer 15 minutes. Serve over hot cooked rice. Serves 4. Ha!
--Shirley Johnson Shelton
(Shirley says it is generous for 2 people.)

It’s worth noting that this recipe card has 2 shiny red stars on it. This is a popular family alternative to turkey on Thanksgiving, poultry not being a favorite of at least one family member. The fat can be butter or olive oil. The shrimp is, of course, best fresh or frozen. There have never been leftovers that any of us can recall. Happy Monday.

Shirley Johnson, 1952, as associate editor of the Texas Tech student newspaper. She says that she had just returned to the newspaper office after having her finger bandaged at the quack shack, the result of a minor injury.

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