12 January 2010

Signs (a continuing series)

It's a busy day up here, as the students start drifting back and classes start up again. Since Sunday, the temperatures have been above freezing for the first time since Dec. 21. Makes us want to take a drive soon and look for birds, architecture and signs.

We have compiled quite a collection of funny, bizarre and/or inexplicable signs over the years. All of these are 100% natural; we have done no Photoshopping or touch-ups of any kind. We couldn't make some of these up if we tried. The slightly fuzzy ones come from places where we could not come to a complete stop, so we did the best we could on the fly. Enjoy. Send yours in, too!

Ogallala, Nebraska

Rowe Wildlife Sanctuary, Nebraska

Private driveway

We went the other way

A Mexican restaurant in Reykjavik, Iceland

The other Mexican restaurant in Iceland, just down the block from the first one

A surprisingly clear road sign in Iceland. Maybe the languages are closer than I thought...

Scenic, South Dakota. That is a town name, not an adjective.

Bishop's Castle, Colorado

Park, South Dakota

Business sign, South Dakota

Sturgis, South Dakota

Sturgis, South Dakota

Seafood shack, Virginia (a great place, actually)

We kept going, rapidly


Store sign, Custer

1 comment:

Butterfly said...

I guess they were having a lot of trouble with drunk taxpayers before they posted that sign. If I think about my taxes too much, I want to get drunk too...